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This journal is mostly friends locked due to content.  It contains mainly KaiShin and HeiShin doujinshi along with other pairings.  If this offends you or you are underage, it's not for you.  Also, if you'd like to post to any other forums, please ask permission first.

If you would like to view this journal, please reply to the post below and friend me.  I'll get back to you ASAP.


So yeah. Finally!

So someone at sega wised up and gave me something I wanted for years. A Kaitou Kid plush doll. Not Conan dressed like him. Not a figure. An acual plushie. Finally!

Also, Ran and Shinichi but there were already decent-ish ones for them. And I cannot find the Heiji one at all. <still pouting> Anyway, pic I found of them below. May try to buy extras if I see them and hawk on ebay like the greedy person I am. What can I say? The friends I'd buy them for owe me money.

Also, I've been out of the fandom for a year or so. Any good new fics, authors, or manga chapters anyone would recommend or want to discuss? I'm apparently in a Detective Conan mood now. :P

Updating My Livejournal - Help Please

Well, It's definitely been awhile.

I'm not ready to jump back into Detective Conan, but I figure I owe this site an update by now. :P

I lost pretty much all my files to a corrupt hard drive a while back. While I was checking some old externals, I found a pictures backup that included some unfinished/unposted scans I was doing before that and am thinking of finishing and posting them.

However, all the links on this site are dead and my files to re-up them are gone. If anyone would like to help update the old links on this site by either PMing me or posting updated download links in the comments, I will try to get this site up to date and add a little extra.
Finally decided to let go of some of my Detective Conan goods from the Japan trip I took a few years ago.  Almost all the things I have extras of are Movie 14 merchandise so expect a lot of Kaitou KID centric stuff in the following post with a little Heiji and Shinichi thrown in.  Everything is still in the original packaging I bought it in.

Shipping, with the exception of the KID!Conan doll which is a bit more bulky, will be around $2 per item by USPS if in the USA and decided after purchase.  PM me or comment if you are interested in any of the items or would like more information.  Paypal preferred please.
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Being smug and happy. Try and stop me!

Wanted to brag that I have a KID-watch now. 

:D  My sister has no idea why I like this so much.   They just know I love this brand.  (And the fact that the brand is heavy with four leaf clover and poker symbols that make me think of Kaito and Shinichi have nothing to do with that.)  *whistles innocently*

Maybe a little bored...

Shinichi's jealousy issues (usually revolve around Holmes).  I'm playing with GIMP since I don't have Photoshop but want to help do some of the scanlations if we're short handed.  So far, I've got a looong way to got.  But experimenting is fun. :D

So far I've just worked on typesetting and cleaning (sfx kick my butt since I can't figure out how to add a border to my text to save my freaking life in GIMP).

I only have so much scrapbook space, but if you want to see some other experiments, there are some here.  And please tell me no one thinks for a second that any of this is my art.  I can't draw stick figures decently. :P  All of the art I altered is NOT MINE and mostly Japanese fanart.


Title: Working Relationship
Summary:  ...Or 5 Reasons Kaito and Shinichi somehow manage not to kill each other despite all the odds against them. Some relationships are just meant to be a perpetual work in progress. KaiShin obviously.  Mostly random drabble bits that anyone is welcome to expand if they feel like it.

Merry Christmas everyone!



One Shots

Links for the last two one shots I've done:

Title:  Discipline Issues
Summary:  A tag/epilogue for Movie 14. I know we aren't supposed to question movie canon too seriously, but some things have to be said... by Satou, Takagi, Heiji, KID, and especially Conan.

A Study In Romance
Summary:  Kaito amuses himself and decides to educate Shinichi in the process. Fortunately, Shinichi's a natural. Established relationship. KaiShin.


Title Help

I was hoping someone could help me with the above titles again.  I recently won the second KKKSpecial book and don't want to translate all the titles.  ;P  Just being lazy here.

Here's some summary and what titles I knew just skimming them so you'll have a better idea of what the titles might mean.


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The Age Old Question: What superpower?

Another discussion topic, though not as fun as the last one.  If DC/MK was short for DC comics and not Detective Conan manga, what superpowers do you think they'd have.  Why would you choose it?  And how would they use/abuse it?

My votes are:

Shinichi - Being Shinichi aka a great detective.  I want Megure to have secret aspirations to be Commissioner Gordon and all of division one in on it.  Must include a Holmes profile secret signal stashed away in the Tokyo MPD station and frequent references to the occasional acceptability of vigilante justice depending on who was carrying it out.   I want all the other guys to 'rescue' him from the massive amounts of trouble he gets into and try to secure him as a love interest too. :P

Kaito - X-ray vision with invisibility if he can't have the first.  Mainly, I want him to be a better equipped stalker/thief.  Hard to tell if he's a supervillian or superhero though.  But as long as people are trying to recruit Shinichi into being Batman, I think Kaito might claim dibs on the Catwoman position just in case.

Heiji - Super speed.  He really needs to visit more.  Also, he can finally reach deductions before Shinichi if it's on a mental and physical level.  He'd loooove that.  He'd also be able to better stalk/protect Shinichi.  Unfortunately, I don't think Shinichi would be able to get rid of him after that.

Hakuba -  Telepath.  I want that to be the reason he solves cases the way he does, accusation first, proof second.  Also, to be part of the reason for his social issues and arrogance when dealing with others.  Kaito's an even bigger headache to deal with because of it since he can't prove anything and Kaito's thought process is just... yeah.  Heiji and Shinichi turn him green with envy when they start their deduction competition/mental make out sessions.  Finally, I want him to start randomly shouting things when he overhears things people are thinking about him and being all around adorably awkward now that he has to deal with other 'special' people.